Lanhelper 1.93 【Cracked】破解版


LanHelper is a remote administration software for Windows servers and workstations which integrates NT administration utilities and LAN monitoring features. Owe to the optimized user interface, LanHelper allows administrators to perform different operations on numerous remote computers simultaneously at high speed. Detailed logs available for helping network administrators to quickly find and solve network problems.

Without installing any server side program, you would find the network management is more easy by using LanHelper’s NT administration utilities and other tools. With LanHelper you can:

  • Scan IP ranges, domains or LAN to collect machine data such as MAC address, logged-on user, OS type, SNMP and more. Easy to manage the machine data with XML and XML-group features.
  • View groups, create groups, delete groups and more.
  • View users, create users, copy users,  rename user, reset passwords, enable & disable users and more.
  • View service, install service, delete service and more.
  • Execute commands, run programs or open other files on remote computers. For example, make the remote computer open an URL or just play an MP3 song. With LanHelper Integrated Command you can even do more, e.g. lock computer, capture screen, get software & hardware information, kill process by name at regular interval, etc.
  • Send the Wake-On-LAN commands (Magic Packet) to power on machines on LAN or WAN. Now supports schedule and service.
  • View shares, create shares, delete shares and more.
  • Shut down or reboot the remote machines on local network. Now supports local schedule.
  • View remote registries, fast multi-values scan, etc.
  • View or disconnect open files accessed by other users.
  • View or disconnect sessions.
  • Send text message to users, computers, workgroups, the whole LAN or several ranges of IP addresses in a flexible way.
  • View network registries, perform fast multi-values scan, and more.
  • Monitor the machines on your network, check machines status, and detect whether the computer names or the IP addresses have been modified or not.

Different from other similar software, most of the LanHelper NT administration utilities provides many batch modes which can speed up the management progress, and also provides detailed real-time logs for analyzing and researching.

Reporting and exporting are fully supported in LanHelper. LanHelper creates XML & HTML report of machine data, or exports machine data into delimited text files. LanHelper also creates delimited text files or structured XML files of users, groups, services, shares, sessions, open files, scheduled tasks, etc. The exported text and XML files can be easily imported into databases or spreadsheet programs.

004DEF8D   . /75 18         jnz     short 004DEFA7                   ;  此处不能跳
004DEF8F   > |8B45 08       mov     eax, dword ptr [ebp+8]
004DEF92   . |E8 C5030000   call    004DF35C
004DEF97   . |84C0          test    al, al
004DEF99   . |74 06         je      short 004DEFA1
004DEF9B   . |C645 F3 01    mov     byte ptr [ebp-D], 1
004DEF9F   . |EB 4D         jmp     short 004DEFEE
004DEFA1   > |C645 F3 00    mov     byte ptr [ebp-D], 0
004DEFA5   . |EB 47         jmp     short 004DEFEE
004DEFA7   > \8B45 FC       mov     eax, dword ptr [ebp-4]
004DEFAA   .  8B00          mov     eax, dword ptr [eax]
004DEFAC   .  8B55 EC       mov     edx, dword ptr [ebp-14]
004DEFAF      E8 24F8FFFF   call    004DE7D8                         ;  此处为注册验证call
004DEFB4   .  84C0          test    al, al
004DEFB6   .  75 26         jnz     short 004DEFDE
004DEFB8   .  8B45 F8       mov     eax, dword ptr [ebp-8]

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